Life Insurance to protect your family for generations.

Everyday people die leaving their families to figure out "HOW" to pay for their funeral expenses, debts and most importantly, "HOW" to take care of their spouse and children.

The need for Life Insurance is REAL.

The latest studies show: 40% of ALL Americans have no Life Insurance and that over 50 million Americans lack adequate Life Insurance.

Sadly, especially for the younger generation, the cost of a monthly cell phone or cable TV bill could easily purchase adequate Life Insurance for most individuals!!

There are (2) types of Life Insurance policies:

Term Insurance - (temporary Life Insurance)- provides protection for 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years. (Death benefit is only paid if the insured dies during this period).

Permanent Insurance - Once purchased, designed to pay a death benefit when insured dies as long as the premiums have been paid all underwriting conditions have been met.

The Cost of Life Insurance

Life Insurance RATES are based on your age, health condition and death benefit requesting.

Permanent Life Insurance premiums are much higher than Term Life Insurance because the companies issuing these plans know that one day they will be paying for a death benefit.

By the latest statistics, only 2% of ALL Term Life Insurance policies sold are ever collected on!! Thus, this is why they are much "cheaper" for individuals to purchase these types of plans. Statistics show that most individuals "outlive" the benefit period or they quit paying for the term insurance policy.

McLeod Insurance Agency has selling Life Insurance policies in North Carolina since 1971. We have access to most of the major Life Insurance Companies licensed to provide coverage in North Carolina.

Most importantly, we will be there for you and your family when you need us the most.

We would be honored to help explain and help you purchase the right Life Insurance protection that meets the need for you and your family.

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